New York Travel Tips

Olidaytours offers New York Travel Tips for you, even before you arrive in New York City.

This is the Olidaytours difference – talk to us on the phone or write us an email when you are planning your trip, to get the most out of it. Also join the ODTC, become a member of the OliDayTours Club and receive tour and accommodation discounts, travel tips and an even higher customer service. We will exceed your expectations.

When you get in contact with Olidaytours, please answer the following questions, so we can better assist you with your (H)olidays in and around New York City:

1) How did you find out about Olidaytours?

2) Is this your first trip to New York City/ America? If you have been to NYC or America before, please give us some details.

3) Have you already booked a flight? Please provide us the arrival airport and flight number. 

4) Would you like us to assist you with your Airport Transfer? There are different options – cab, subway, limo, private car. 

5) Where are you going to stay? If you are still looking for places to stay, please let us know and we can give you some different options depending on your budget.

6) How many of you are visiting NYC? If you are travelling with children, please let us know and also tell us the age of the kids. 

7) Do you already have a tour in mind? Would you like to explore NYC by foot, by bike or driving around in a limo?

8) Where are you from?

We are looking forward hearing back from you soon. by phone, tex message (+12016614803) or by email .

And here are some New York Travel Tips for you

New York Travel Tips

You will get a lot of New York Travel Tips from Olidaytours  in advance and during your tour

=> New York Travel Tip 1: We will take pictures of your entire tour so you can kick back, relax and take it all in. Take a look on Flickr for some more pictures.

=> New York Travel Tip 2: If you are not American you will have to fill out an Esta form, which you will find right here:

=> New York Travel Tip 3 : The New York City’s Subway System is the largest in the world. with more than 472 subway stations. During a Tour round NYC we will catch a subway and of course we ll help you finding your way around and assist you by purchasing a ticket.  Fares & Metro Card

=>  New York Travel Tip 4:  Restaurants and Bars in New York City – there are so many places to go and eat.

=>  New York Travel Tip 5 : Get on board the NY City Water Taxi – Hop-on, Hop-off

=>  New York Travel Tip 6: Check out these outlet malls: Woodbury Commons or Newport Center Mall. S

=> New York Travel Tip 7: Visit the One World Observatory  – check the weather in advance and spend the sunset 

=> New York  Travel Tip 8: Heli flight – ask Olidaytours for details to fly with Wings Air Helicopters for a discounted rate as an ODTC member.

NYC Nacht-Helicopter Flug mit Wings Air Helicopters from OlidayTours- NYC auf Deutsch & E on Vimeo.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please contact us today: or +1(201)661-4803

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