Octoberfest Tour and Sights of Bavaria

“The Octoberfest Tour with Olidaytours to his home state Bavaria was one of the best tours I have ever been on.” (Kristine, USA)

Bavaria, in the heart of Europe, has so much to offer. Its capitol city, Munich, has been holding the Octoberfest celebration since 1810. It is the ultimate festival, not only for beer lovers. What better way to experience this festival than with a local from Bavaria on an authentic Octoberfest Tour?

Lederhosen und Dirndl - the proper outfit for the Octoberfest in Munich

Lederhosen und Dirndl – the proper outfit for the Octoberfest in Munich

Olidaytours offers a trip of a lifetime to Bavaria during the Octoberfest time.

Join us for some beers and sausages in an authentic beer tent on our Octoberfest Tour this year.

Every year Munich hosts the world largest fair. Besides the Octoberfest Oli also offers an optional tour around the beautiful state of Bavaria.  

Destinations on a 4 to 6 day personalized and customized tour might include the holy Bavarian beer mountain, the Andechs Monastary Brewery, a trip to the top of the highest mountain of Germany, the Zugspitze, a visit of the 1936 Winter Olympic town Garmisch Partenkirchen, the city of the “Sound of Music” Salzburg or a hike around and a tour of  the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein.  

Please note, that Olidaytours offers a 20% (on the guiding fee) to Ramstein Beer Prosit Society Members.

For more information on the Highpoint Brewing Company, at 22 Park Place, Butler, NJ, and how to become a member please take a look at www.ramsteinbeer.com .   For everyone else Olidaytours offers 10% discount if you sign up for an Octoberfest Tour by February 15th.

Note: The more the merrier! As we fill up for the Octoberfest Tour – a trip of a lifetime to the world biggest beer festival – the price per person goes down.

To make a reservation, a none refundable fee of $120 for your secured tent entrance and seat on the Olidaytours table is due upon sign up. A little investment for a lot of fun when you finally sign up for the Octoberfest Tour and the sights of Bavaria!

The tour price includes

  • a welcome dinner plus a drin

  • the entrance to a traditional beer tent at the Oktoberfest

  • about $ 50 of food and drink vouchers at the designated beer tent

  • the fee for your private, bilingual, authentic Bavarian tour guide, who will be with you every single day.


Not included in the price is your flight, accommodation and transportation is not included, but Olidaytours will be more than happy to assist you with booking your flight, transportation and accommodation. Come and enjoy the world famous Oktoberfest in Munich (September 17th – October 2nd 2016) this year on one of the two to three 5 day trips to Bavaria.  

Oktoberfest-Tour and sights of Bavaria 

Two to three 5 to 7 day tours available in 2016

TOUR 1: Arrival in Munich on the 16th of September – departure between the 2nd and the 22h of September 2016

TOUR 2: Arrival in Munich on the 30th or 31st of October – departure between the 4th and the 6th of October Small group-tours.

Trip itinerary upon request!

Best time to visit: September & October ( The Octoberfest starts actually in September and ends after the first weekend of October. There will be two to three trips available during the Octoberfest, with an additional program that will give you the chance to see not only the beer tents but also the great state of Bavaria!)

Reservations need to be made by April! Early bird specials available!!



For more information and the best prices on customized Bavarian Octoberfest Tours please contact Olidaytours directly.     

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