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Olidaytours Sightrunning Tours in and around NYC


Olidaytours is offering #sightrunning tours in and around New York City and of course on all private tours all over the world. Oli can’t wait to take you and your friends on a special sightseeing tour. As all our tours, the sightrunning tours are also private tours. This gives you the freedom to go your pace and be able to stop at places you like to visit, or just run run run for 2, 3 or even 4 hours!

World Wide Running Tours

My friend Raoul created a community of World Wide Running Tour Companies. If you love to put your running shoes on to go out to explore the world, check

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RunRunTours in Paris

If you decide to visit Paris, make sure to catch up with my friend Andrea and her team. Andrea offers amazing running tours in and around Paris and if you have been on an Olidaytours, you will receive a discount on Andreas tours; isn’t that another reason to come out running?

Paris Running Tours

Paris Running Tours

Decide for one and go running in Paris!

Oli from Olidaytours has friends all over the world and in Paris, with all the sights that you can go and visit I have even a second option for you.


Discover Paris while running with an impassioned authentic Parisian guide! The best running routes in Paris – get a 10% discount if you already did a tour with us, Olidaytours.

PARIS RUNNING TOURS runs with the world since 2008.

For more destinations to go running, take a look at the list of companies, right here:

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