NYC Winter Tour & Christmas Tour

The NYC Winter Tour & Christmas Tour brings you to some of the most exciting places in NYC during the colder time of the year.

A balance of sightseeing, shopping and drinking a hot chocolate at a nice little Christmas Market makes the NYC Winter Tour so special.

See the lights at the shops on 5th Avenue, walk through Central Park and be able to see so much more than in the summer time, shop Macy´s or come ice skating at Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park.

The secret is a warm jacket, a pair of gloves and a hat! Now you are ready for an Olidaytours NYC Winter Tour. 

At the end of the day you will get to see the same sights on  a NYC Winter Tour, that you visit during the regular NYC Tours with Olidaytours.

The crisp, clean air sometimes gives you even a better view of the NYC skyscrapers on a NYC Skyline Tour.

Olidaytours NYC Winter Tours

And if there is no snow or ice on the ground, Oli offers NYC Bike Tours even during the winter months.

The biggest difference are the crowds of people all along 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center and Times Square, trying to get their Christmas Shopping done. The Christmas Lights on the buildings and the beautiful decorated windows at a lot of shops, that keep children an adults “window watching”.


This time is also a time, when you might think of spending some quality shopping time without your children. And that is exactly why you want to get in contact with Oli. His NYC Children Tour is not only a tour for the tourist families visiting NYC during the winter time. It is a great way, to free up your time and let you children have fun on customized NYC Winter Tours with Oli, your Family Guide!

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