The Diver’s Paradise – The Andaman Nicobar Islands

Come and visit the diver’s paradise – the Andaman Nicobar Islands with Olidaytours.

The Andaman Nicobar Islands are still a hidden gem. Just a couple of hours of the coast of Eastern India (flights from Chennai/ Madras, Delhi, …), the islands offer a real adventure.

Pristine beaches, amazing food and beautiful resorts offer the experience of a lifetime.

Once you decide that the Andaman Nicobar Islands, especially Havelock Island and it beautiful dive sites, is going to be your next (H)Oliday destination, make sure to get in contact with us.


What a beautiful beach on Havelock Island

What a beautiful beach on Havelock Island

Oli has been managing Ocean Pearl Beach Resort for its opening days back in 2008/2009. He is still going back to show his guests this beautiful place in the Andaman Sea and to meet his friends, the locals of the island and the real Indians.

Ocean Pearl Beach Resort will be our destination for at least 4 to 5 nights – .

Ocean Pearl offers great rooms!

Ocean Pearl offers great rooms!

“Ocean pearl beach resort stands amongst the best Havelock Island Resorts and Hotels. The resort is located right on the beach. OCEAN PEARL offers accommodation with Luxury Cottages , A/C Deluxe Rooms and Eco Huts with the relaxing sea view balconies to enjoy your Andaman h()olidays.”

On the way to the islands we will make sure to give you a taste of India on the mainland before heading over to the islands.

Havelock Island

Come and dive the Andaman Nicobar Islands

“Scuba Diving is the most popular adventure activity of Andaman (H)olidays. It is discovering a new world that never existed before you dived into the azure blue waters. It is all about exploring a new world under turquoise blue waters and taking back a wonderful experience. Ocean Pearl provides an excellent opportunity for scuba diving. Come and discover the colorful sea life in Havelock Island – and you don’t need to be an expert swimmer to take a plunge in the blue waters.”

And who knows, you might want to stop over on an European Airport on the way to India – let Olidaytours know and  you will get to go on an adventure before the adventure!

To find out about our next trip to the Andaman Nicobar Islands, contact Olidaytours today! or call +1 (201) 661-4803


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