Wuerzburg and Franconia – History, Wine, Beer & The Romantic Road

Wuerzburg, in the heart of Germany, south east of Frankfurt, is the capital city of “Unterfranken” (Franconia).

Situated on the river Main Wuerzburg offers an historic city center dating back to 700, it is the home of the world famous Residence Palace, one of Europe’s most renowned baroque castles and registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, the home of great nice churches and beautiful castles overlooking the city and of world known German wines and beers.

The Residence in Wuerzburg is an UNESCO world heritage building!

The Residence in Wuerzburg is an UNESCO world heritage building!

It also offers its visitors a wide range of activities, such as hiking, cycling, sightseeing, visiting festivals, wine tasting, brewery tours and relaxing on the shores of the river Main. Wuerzburg is also the getaway to the Romantic Road, that takes you back in time through little villages, the medieval town of “Rothenburg ob der Tauber” and all the way down to “Fuessen” on the border to Austria, with its world famous fairytale castle “Neuschwanstein”.   Olidaytours will take you on a customized tour to all those great German destinations and its surroundings.

The fairytale castle Neuschwanstein

The fairytale castle Neuschwanstein

  The people as well as the sights you are going to see with Olidaytours will amaze you.   One of the great events is the Wuerzburg Wine Festival, held around the end of May, beginning of June (May 28 – June 09, 2014):   “Würzburger Weindorf (Wine Festival) The Wine Village is in the middle of the cities market square: More than 100 different local wines are served in cute, timbered gazebos. The event is rounded out by local and international cuisine (www.weindorf-wuerzburg.de). “

Marktplatz Würzburg

The market place of Wuerzburg!

  Wuerzburg is also a great getaway for a trip to the Oktoberfest in Munich, to the city Salzburg in Austria or even Prague, the capitol and largest city of the Czech Republic.     

Wuerzburg and Franconia – History, Wine, Beer and the Getaway to the Romantic Road

4 to 8 day tours

Small group-tours or individual tours available

Trip itinerary upon consultation!

Best time to visit: April – October and of course for the Olidaytours Xmas-market special join us yearly in December

Wine-festival 2016: 25th of May – 5th of June


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