NYC Photo Tour Adventure

The NYC Photo Tour is a real adventure for every photographer.

Olidaytours is partnering with Art Wolf and also with Photour Adventures to create an unique experience that joins the excitement of exploring the city on an Olidaytours with the focus of photographing the most iconic NYC scenes while having a professional photographer guiding  you to create epic images.


Flat Iron Building

The Flat Iron Building – one of the first skyscrapers in NYC

Join Fine Art Photographer, Michael Malandra of Suffern’s Elements Photography Gallery, Travel Photographer, Susan Magnano, from Photour Adventures and Oli from Olidaytours, as we teach you how to create, compose, and master your camera skills as well as the history of New York City.

Photour Adventures are sightseeing-workshops that put the adventure back in photography.

We invite amateur and professional photographers to join us on this NYC Photo Tour . 

We will take you to amazing locations all over New York City, guided by our professional and certified NYC sightseeing guide Oli from Olidaytours, and teach you how to work the light and your equipment to capture the beauty around you. Your camera is the tool but your imagination is what creates a beautiful and moving photograph.

Our tours caters to small groups and individuals who want to learn how to take better pictures and will do so with the backdrop of NYC as the classroom. 

Bridges in NYC, some are just amazing

Come all the way into Harlem to take amazing pictures

We will focus on:

*Cityscapes & Urban Architecture

*Street life & Photojournalism

*Long Exposures & Motion

*NYC Sunsets & Twlight ( Depending on tour)

So pack your bags, grab your tripod and most importantly… your Camera!

Charging Bull on Photour Adventure

The Charging Bull – take pictures early in the morning on your Photour Adventure

We are headed off to NYC where the photography opportunities never cease. We’ll spend our time photographing the most iconic locations, amazing city skylines and the  fast pace street life.  We will work on improving your composition, developing your personal style and sharpening your photography skills. Not only will you leave with having an unforgettable experience, gaining knowledge of the city  but will have captured amazing pictures to prove it. So join us on our next adventure.

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