Private NYC Tour & Hoboken – Jersey City – Northern New Jersey

The Olidaytours private NYC Tour goes beyond Manhattan Island!

Olidaytours is offering his NYC Tour as a  personalized, customized, private Tour ( NYC auf Deutsch & English), with a chance to also see Hoboken, Jersey City and Northern New Jersey.

A private NYC Tour with Oli, your certified NYC Sightseeing Guide, is not only for tourists coming to the New York City area for the first time.

The tours include private sightseeingsight-running, hiking, walking, and biking Tours in “The Big Apple”, Weehawken, Hoboken, Jersey City and Northern New Jersey.

Being born in Würzburg, Germany, Oli is bilingual (German => NYC auf Deutsch and English), a lot of fun, fitness oriented and energizing.

Olidaytours also offers Family Tours with Oli as your Family-Guide, as well as specific Children-Tours.

Included with each tour are complementary pictures with all the memorable moments of your Olidaytour.


Olidaytours will take you to places even locals don´t really visit, although they offer amazing views of the skyline of New York City.

Come hiking to incredible lookouts in the State of New Jersey, from which you will get breath taking views right across tree covered hills down to beautiful lakes. See the skyscrapers of Manhattan, that seem to be visible from places, where you don`t really expect to see them at all!

The hills of New Jersey

Enjoy a sunset from a historic location, where one of the last duels in American History took place, and one of the founders of New York City, Alexander Hamilton, was fatally wounded in 1804.

Olidaytours takes you to places that will allow you to see the Island of Manhattan from many different perspectives. The next moment you will feel the ocean breeze out on Long Island and smell the fresh air on a hike in the mountains of New Jersey.

So get ready and contact Olidaytours today!

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